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                  Selection of Bending Diameter of Steel Drag Chain

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-09-14 10:56:46

                  As we all know, the bending radius of the steel drag chain is selected according to the maximum diameter of the cable, and it should be ensured that the bending radius can reach 10 times the diameter of the cable. This is the most basic issue that everyone should pay attention to when using cable drag chains. So how should you operate safely when using steel drag chains?


                  First of all, before the operation, our staff should wear protective clothing and make sure that our cuffs are tight. The hem of the jacket cannot be opened. Wearing gloves is strictly prohibited. Do not wear or change clothes near the moving machine tool. This is to prevent being sprained by the machine. Also, we must wear helmets, not skirts and slippers. Finally, wear protective goggles to prevent iron filings from splashing on your eyes. A baffle must be set around the machine tool to isolate the operating area.

                     Next, you must use your hands first when you are working, and then move the knife slowly. Please remember, when operating the automatic tool, please open the hand wheel, pay attention to whether the limit block is firm, do not put it on the head, and do not reach the extremes and damage the lead screw. When you need to use the fast stroke, please check in advance for collisions and other phenomena, so as not to damage the parts or the milling cutter. Be sure to check whether the safety spring in the handle is effective to avoid accidents.

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