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                  The steel drag chain has a protective effect on the cable

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-09-08 11:12:31

                  The steel drag chain protects the cable, and the cable can also be moved back and forth with the drag chain, which not only protects the cable, but also increases the appearance of the exterior. So what should be paid attention to during use, and how can the cable exert the maximum protection effect?

                     1. The cables in the drag chain cannot touch each other or get stuck together. There must be a certain distance between each other, and the cables must be placed loosely and parallel in the drag chain, separated as much as possible, separated by partitions or penetrated into separate cavities. The gap between the cables in the chain should be at least 10% of the cable diameter; 15% of the remaining space should be left so that the built-in cables, tubing, etc. can move freely, and there will be no tension on the drag chain in the radial direction.

                  2. Attention must be paid to the minimum bending radius of the cable to ensure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, that is, it cannot be forced to move. Therefore, the cables can move relative to each other or the guiding device. After a period of operation, it is best to check the position of the cable. This inspection must be carried out after the push-pull movement;

                     3. The cable laying must not be twisted, that is, the cable cannot be removed from one end of the reel or cable reel. Instead, the reel or cable reel should be rotated first to unfold it, and if necessary, it can be unfolded or suspended. The cables suitable for this occasion can only be obtained directly from the cable reel;

                     4. The two points of the cable must be fixed, or at least at the moving end of the drag chain. The distance between the moving point of the ordinary cable and the end of the drag chain should be 20-30 times the diameter of the cable;

                     5. The most noteworthy thing is that if the drag chain breaks, its cable also needs to be replaced, because damage caused by excessive stretching cannot be avoided.

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