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                  Product introduction of steel drag chains and the principle of placing built-in pipelines

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-08-31 11:09:09

                  Steel drag chains are also called steel-aluminum drag chains, steel drag chains, and steel cable drag chains. Its main effect is to provide traction and protection to the cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, and air pipes of machine tools and machinery. Nowadays, steel drag chains have been widely used in machine tools, and the cables are protected and the overall machine tool looks more beautiful.

                  Structure of steel drag chain

                  (1) The steel cable drag chain looks like a tank chain, composed of numerous unit links, and the links can roll freely.

                  (2) The inner height, outer height and pitch of the same series of steel drag chains are the same, and the inner width and bending radius R of the steel drag chains can be selected in different ways.

                  (3) The unit chain link is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates. Each section of the steel towline can be opened, and it is convenient to assemble and disassemble without threading. After opening the cover, you can put cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc. Steel drag chain.

                  (4) Separator can also be provided to separate the space in the chain as required.

                  The main body of the steel drag chain is composed of chain pull (high-quality steel plate chrome-plated), support pull (extruded aluminum alloy) axle pin (alloy steel) and other components, so that there is no relative movement between the cable or rubber tube and the drag chain. Distorted.

                  There are two series of steel drag chains according to their types: TL type and TLG type. According to the application environment and application requirements, it can be divided into bridge-type steel towline, fully enclosed steel towline, and semi-enclosed steel towline. The TLG steel drag chain can carry a large number of cables and tubing with a large weight, and can be freely suspended (allowing no support wheels). The support plate can be manufactured according to customer needs. It is suitable for working machines, mobile machinery, etc.

                  Steel drag chains are widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, manipulators, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouses, etc. The raw materials are Q235, 430, 304 and other raw materials. Types of steel drag chains are TL65, TL95, TL125, TL180. TL225, TL250, TLG75, TLG100, TLG125, TLG180, TLG225, TLG250. Generally, fully enclosed steel drag chains are used when the operating environment is harsh.

                  There are 3 types of support plates for steel drag chains. They are: 1 When the size of the pipe joint of the pipe cable is larger than the bore diameter of the support plate or frequent disassembly, assembly, maintenance, etc., a separate type support plate can be selected;

                  2 When the towline needs to carry a large pipe or cable load, a high-strength support plate type-one-piece type should be selected;

                  3 When there are many types of equipment tubing and cable specifications, frame-type support plates can be used.

                  Arrangement principle of built-in pipelines of steel towline

                  1 15% of the remaining space should be left, so that the built-in cables, tubing, etc. can move freely, and there is no tension on the drag chain in the radial direction

                  2 Conductors with different diameters should be laid separately, and the weight should be evenly distributed. If necessary, they can be separated by separators.

                  3 During high-speed or high-frequency operation, try to separate the wires from each other horizontally, and do not overlap each other. It is recommended to use separators when there are many cables, air pipes, and oil pipes.

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