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                  The reason why the steel drag chain does not sag

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-08-31 11:04:17

                  1. Reasons why steel drag chains do not sag:

                  The steel drag chain is used for traction and maintenance of the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, and water pipes. Because the weight of the drag chain itself and the weight of the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, and water pipes determine that the drag chain itself has an unsupported length limit. Different types and materials of drag chains have different unsupported length limits. If the length of the steel drag chain that needs to be used exceeds this unsupported length limit, it will sag.


                  2. Treatment method:

                     1. Use guide grooves

                  The guide trough is composed of five parts: side guide wall with standard length, guide trough connecting angle steel, mounting screws, bottom trough, and sliding equipment. In the meantime, the sliding equipment is divided into several types: nylon wheels, steel sliding boards, and plastic sliding boards. In this way, the guide grooves are divided into three types accordingly: (1) Guide grooves with plastic sliding boards. (2) Guide groove with nylon wheels. (3) The guide groove of the steel sliding board.

                     2. Use support rollers

                  (1) The support wheels that can be fixed on the equipment can directly use the support wheels without the support frame, and the drag chain frame reciprocates on the support wheels.

                  (2) If the support wheel cannot be fixed on the equipment, a support wheel with a support frame can be used. The support wheel is fixed on the support frame, and the tow chain frame reciprocates on the support wheel.

                     3. Heat treatment and thickening of the steel towline chains

                  The chain piece can also be made of 304,430 and other materials.

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