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                  Steel drag chains reduce the weight of machinery

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-08-10 11:40:16

                  Steel drag chains reduce the weight of machinery

                    The steel and aluminum supporting plate of the steel drag chain, the aluminum supporting plate drag chain, the rectangular hole or the round hole supporting plate according to user requirements. The strength of the towline is suitable for carrying heavier loads; the aluminum profile support plate steel towline, the support board and the drop separation are suitable for the thread style threaded towline with the pipe joint diameter larger than the maximum diameter, and it is often required to be disassembled Occasions; steel towline support plate, structural steel threaded towline, plastic or aluminum alloy profile system inner spacer.

                  The bending radius of the steel drag chain should be selected based on the maximum diameter of the cable and should be 10 times the diameter of the cable. The stroke is small, so choose a smaller radius accordingly. Steel and aluminum drag chains are newer than the old steel and aluminum drag chains, which are both beautiful and practical, but they also present the appearance and strength of high-strength steel and aluminum drag chains. The chain develops to a new level.

                     Other special designs can also be satisfied. In addition, the external and internal network segments ensure that the plastic drag chain runs straight and can be assembled quickly, especially with steel drag chains. This feature is even more obvious. Secondly, our engineering plastic drag chains do not require any maintenance lubrication. Ultimately, this drag chain can reduce the weight of the machine. Our steel and aluminum drag chains are generally used for the traction and maintenance of machine tools, machinery and other cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, and air pipes.

                     Steel drag chain is a heavy-duty drag chain with high load-bearing capacity and unsupported length. It is suitable for large and medium-sized machinery. It is greatly improved during the process of distortion and deformation of the drag chain. Steel-aluminum drag chains are not only beautiful, but are also high-strength drag chains that have a more beautiful appearance through special anti-corrosion and heat-resistant treatments.

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