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                  Small analysis of steel towline

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-08-03 11:58:55

                  With the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of scientific skills, there are more and more models of drag chains: cable drag chains, steel drag chains, and so on.

                     Steel drag chains are also called steel-aluminum drag chains. Divided into two types of threading energy chains, TL series and TLG series, there are two types of bridge layout and fully enclosed layout.

                  The difference between TL series steel towline and TLG series steel towline: TLG series steel towline is a new type of steel towline that is a compensation of TL series. For comparison, the TL series steel threaded towline has the characteristics of greater rigidity and more beautiful shape. Steel drag chains can be quenched and carburized as necessary to obtain stronger rigid strength and resistance. Its appearance can be galvanized, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, in order to adapt to the different accident environment.

                    Model selection of steel drag chain support plates:

                  (1) Support plate I type steel towline, that is, aluminum profile support plate monolithic steel towline, rectangular or circular holes are punched on the support plate according to the user's needs. This type of steel towline is relatively strong and suitable for heavy loads;

                  (2) Aluminum profile support plate II type steel towline, that is, the support plate is up and down separate threaded towline, which is suitable for the occasions where the negotiation diameter of the pipeline is larger than the maximum diameter of the wire body, and it is necessary to frequently disassemble and assemble;

                  (3) Support plate III type steel towline, that is, frame type steel threading towline, with plastic or aluminum profile barriers inside. It is suitable for occasions where there are many types of tubing and cable specifications.

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