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                  Joint form of steel drag chain

                  Author:Shenzhen Yiyanxing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2021-07-20 11:59:56

                  Steel drag chain is a kind of auxiliary product used in machine tools. There are many types of products, which play an important role in the protection of mobile cables. Below we mainly talk about the joint method of steel drag chain, steel and aluminum The drag link head is not as fixed as the plastic drag chain, but according to the different needs of customers, there are a variety of options:

                     one. Fixed conventional joint

                  This is also the conventional equipment joint of steel towline. The general joint method is fixed, and the device hole orientation and the equipment hole size are fixed. Customers can make equipment holes on the mechanical equipment according to our joint styles. Generally, customers who frequently use these It is a better understanding.


                  two. Universal drag link head

                  This is a joint method for steel drag chains that has appeared in recent years. The joint is not fixed. The so-called not fixed means that the joint can roll in several directions, so that customers can make the best equipment hole according to the operating environment. In this way, there are more choices regarding the customer's application, and now this kind of joint method is most favored by customers.

                     three. Specific customization according to customer needs

                  The specific customized steel drag link head refers to the style of the joint according to the customer's application needs, according to the style of the drawing, and the specific equipment hole manufacturing.

                     The generous steel towline method is a powerful guarantee to meet the needs of customers in different applications, and it is a concrete embodiment of the humanized design of steel towline.

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